This listing is for one necklace. Choose between Labradorite, Tigers Eye and Sunstone. The photos are an example of the necklace you will receive and not the exact one. Due to the nature of the crystals each one is unique and will have slight variations. 


Tigers Eye - Tigers Eye is a grounding stone. It is believed to be protective and bring luck to the wearer. Tigers eye can help tune into your psychic abilities and look at situations from a practical perspective ubclouded by emotions. It can help ward off evil, break creative blocks and bring insight to situations.


Labradorite - Labradorite is a stone of transformation and can help you move forward with ease into new beginnings. Labradorite is protective and will aid in cleansing your energy. It can help reduce anxiety and raise consciousness.


Sunstone - Sunstone is a stone of independence. Sunstone can help you see your self worth and bring confidence into your life. Sunstone can help you to see your own strength and will bring clarity to situations. Sunstone can help bring joy, reduce anxiety and aid in manifestation.

Crystal Pendant Necklace

  • Refunds and exchanges are not available, but please reach out to me if there are any issues.