This listing is for 1 crystal pendulum necklace with a 17" chain. Pendulum can be used as a divination tool. All products are cleansed prior to shipping. Black Obsidian:PROTECTIVE + CLEANSING + GROUNDING Black Obsidian is known to be a protective stone. It can help cleanse your aura, remove emotional blockages and traumas. It is a grounding stone connected to the root chakra. It helps provide clarity and ease stress. It is often used for depression and seen as a stone of resilience. Opalite:Opalite is a great stone for meditation. It is said to aid in psychic abilities. It is often called a stone of eternity. Opalite attracts positive energy. Tigers Eye - Tigers Eye is a grounding stone. It is believed to be protective and bring luck to the wearer. Tigers eye can help tune into your psychic abilities and look at situations from a practical perspective ubclouded by emotions. It can help ward off evil, break creative blocks and bring insight to situations.

Pendulum Necklace Black Obsidian + Opalite + Tiger's Eye

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